Six Months Later

Last week marked the six month anniversary of my hip surgery. I was going to make some quip about “anniversary” not being an appropriate term for something as not-awesome as hip surgery, but then I remembered that people acknowledge the anniversaries of deaths, and natural disasters, and other horrific tragedies so…game over.


is what I was doing for fun six months ago.

And today?

I’m happy to be running again, but damn, that night in the motorized cart at Target was a blast! Those things have the turning radius of a Smart Car, the reverse notification horn of a Mack Truck, and the battery life of a Motorola Razr.

But enough about my wild nights at the store.  Let’s talk about the marginally bionic hip’s progress, shall we?

The Good:

  • I’ve comfortably moved up to four running days per week.
  • Minimal pain and tightness during runs.
  • The shin splints that started about a month ago have subsided.

The Bad:

  • Some stiffness and mild pain after runs, especially in my piriformis and hamstring.
  • Lifting my leg to put on shoes is still the worst part of my day, which means that my hip flexor (iliopsoas) is still super weak.
  • If I don’t foam roll after every run I’m pretty much guaranteed to be sore and uncomfortable. This sucks because I’m a lazy asshole runner who just wants to run and do nothing else to take care of myself.
  • Recovery from long runs or hard efforts still takes longer than expected.

Things To Work On:

  • Consistent foam rolling, icing, and PT routine. Again, me=lazy asshole runner, but I’ve  been lacking in these areas for a while now and it’s starting to show.
  • Building in one day of speed work. The track kind of terrifies me at this point. All that sprinting and turning, my hip hurts just thinking about it. But I’m cleared to do track workouts and I’m not getting faster just running straight miles so…the return of track time has arrived.
  • My crappy diet. I gained some weight post-surgery and it’s, apparently, not in any rush to GTFO. I need to get serious about dropping a few pounds, by which I mean I need to stop eating like I’m running 50 MPW, when I’m clearly only running 25-30. Also, I’m going to guess that the cookie dough and craft beer binges aren’t helping. Then again, I’m not a nutritionist, so I could be wrong…